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Investing in North Cyprus in 2020

Are you planning to invest in North Cyprus property in 2020? Your…
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North Cyprus Property Market History

Well, there are many things, for one, the climate is a huge bonus...
Houses for sale in northern cyprus

Why Invest in North Cyprus?

In the 1890s, The British Empire resided over Cyprus...
Savyon Village villa

Savyon Village and Thalassa Beach Resort

Savyon Village in Northern Cyprus is one of Kensingtons most unique...
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Most Recommended Properties for Sale in North Cyprus

In this article we have collected some of the most desirable...
karpasia by the sea esentepe

Buy Property in North Cyprus

Are you looking for property for sale in North Cyprus?...
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The Uniqueness of Northern Cyprus

North Cyprus is located on the northern and the eastern side...
karpasia by the sea esentepe

North Cyprus for Investment

With warm weather, good food and beautiful beaches...