Bitcoin Property North Cyprus

Have you thought about investing in North Cyprus real estate…

18.09.2020 11:57

Bitcoin Property North Cyprus

18.09.2020 11:57

Calling all Bitcoin investors!

Have you thought about investing in North Cyprus real estate with your Bitcoins?  Over the years many more companies have joined the Bitcoin revolution and real estate has also become a popular product offered by more and more property developers worldwide, for both buying and renting property.  North Cyprus has also entered the Bitcoin market too. Kensington has been offering investors the opportunity of purchasing their homes

in North Cyprus via Bitcoin since 2014 and has seen some success with this ‘new’ way of dealing with finance and investing.  With the current situation due to Covid-19 Bitcoin users seem to be taking a fresh look at further ways to invest their Bitcoin and one of those is in bricks and mortar.  Buying and investing in property has always been seen as a safe and long-lasting investment.  At Kensington, we are now receiving queries from fresh investors looking at investing their Bitcoin.

bitcoin property north cyprus

Cryptocurrency popularity continues

Whilst the value of Bitcoin has fluctuated greatly by nature, and will most likely continue to do so, it has become a very popular method of doing business, away from the paperwork and ‘interrogative’ nature of everyday banks and building societies.  Kensington can offer property on all our projects via Bitcoin and has several customers currently paying for their property via Bitcoin, either in full or in part.  The process is very simple and making payments take much less time than that of standard bank transfers.

Bitcoin, and the wider cryptocurrency world, has grown in popularity, not just because of its anonymity, but also due to the fact that it offers relative payment freedom, information is transparent and the process is classed as high security.  Therefore, there are reduced risks for traders.   Given issues with some countries and its citizen’s ability to move money via traditional banking systems, this has also given many a more stress-free option when looking to invest in property in North Cyprus.

thalassa beach resort bafra

Kensington offers property via Bitcoin

Kensington currently advertises via numerous platforms with regards to its Bitcoin offering and agents who work with us are informed of this option, should they have clients looking to invest their Bitcoin.  Local and international website Property NC also advertises Kensington property with Bitcoin prices.

Just one of the great investment opportunities offered by Kensington is Thalassa Beach Resort, which has a number of Bitcoin investors already purchasing property.  A fully managed beachfront resort located in Bafra, with a wide range of property options from Studios, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom investment apartments. 

Without a doubt a superb Mediterranean investment opportunity with prices starting from £59,000 (at todays Bitcoin approx. 6.91). Just as a normal sales contract, deposits and stage payments for Kensington homes in North Cyprus can be made with Bitcoin.  Buyers can choose to part pay in Bitcoin or in full, it is totally up to the investor’s choice.  As with any investment purchase, buyers are given a contract with due dates for payments, should a property be under construction, or if fully finished and furnished properties are offered without stage payments.  Bitcoin transfers take such a short amount of time, that confirmation of receipt is provided quickly and efficiently.

bitcoin property north cyprus

Join the Bitcoin revolution!

If you are not already a user of Bitcoin, then why not take a look at how to start – there are many great places to find solid information on the web.  Websites such as provide

news and articles on everything cryptocurrency and have a wealth of information on how to go about starting up as a Bitcoin user. The cryptocurrency revolution continues apace and Kensington is all on board for investors with Bitcoin to spend!

To find out more information and to talk to us about investing Bitcoin in North Cyprus real estate and property, please contact our Sales Director, Elina Dubovik on +90 533 862 1686 or contact us via email at

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