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Where to Explore

Lefkoşa (Nicosia)

The capital city of North Cyprus and the last divided capital in the world.  Full of historical architecture but full of life and with an active arts culture, this city bustles.

Girne (Kyrenia)

A beautiful Mediterranean city with its historical
harbour and castle giving an amazing warriors
view of the surrounding sea.

Famagusta (Mağusa)

Where you can experience the walled town, the
deserted area of Varosha under military control
and Othello’s tower.

Güzelyurt (Morphou)

The greenest area of Northern Cyprus where all
the citrus trees are, the old copper mines and the
ancient city of Soli and ruins of Vouni.

Lefke (Lefka)

Green and mountainous due to the abundance
of water, home to date, pecan, walnut and fig
trees. One of the most remote and beautiful
parts of North Cyprus.

İskele (Trikomo)

Often referred to as a city and district capital.
A thriving market town with many traditional
restaurants. The gateway to the Karpaz


This once small traditional coastal village is morphing into the place to be and be
seen in the Mediterranean, with a master plan that includes fourteen hotels and a
golf course as part of the 300 million dollar investment. With four 5 star hotels
already open, Bafra is increasing in popularity.

As at 2019, the Kaya Artemis, Noahs Arc, Limak Cyprus Deluxe and the Concorde Resort are all open for business and have over 4,000 beds between them.  And, with the area benefiting from a south facing coastline, offer the perfect location to experience the long Cyprus summers.