North Cyprus

Kensington is a leading North Cyprus property developer, offering an impressive portfolio of existing projects.

Lefkoşa (Nicosia)

The capital city of North Cyprus and the last divided capital in the world. Full of historical architecture but full of life and with an active arts culture, this city bustles.

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Girne (Kyrenia)

The ever popular town, with its picturesque historical horseshoe-shaped harbour and castle, along with a vibrant and varied social scene.

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Famagusta (Mağusa)

Where you can experience the walled town, the deserted area of Varosha under military control and Othello’s tower.

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Güzelyurt (Morphou)

The greenest area of Northern Cyprus where all the citrus trees are, the old copper mines and the ancient city of Soli and ruins of Vouni.

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Lefke (Lefka)

Green and mountainous due to the abundance of water, home to date, pecan, walnut and figtrees. One of the most remote and beautiful parts of North Cyprus.

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İskele (Trikomo)

Often referred to as a city and district capital. A thriving market town with many traditional restaurants. The gateway to the Karpaz Peninsula.

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