savyon villas north cyprus

Savyon Village, Catalkoy, North Cyprus

We have many clients who prefer to think about building their own property......
retirement property north cyprus

Buying Retirement Property, North Cyprus

How do you choose North Cyprus as a retirement destination?
homes in north cyprus

Is North Cyprus a safe place to buy property?

This question, perhaps to some unsurprisingly, is not so regularly asked....
investing in property in north cyprus

Investing in Property in North Cyprus

In this article, we will look at investment property in North Cyprus....
villa adam north cyprus

Villas for sale in North Cyprus

If you are searching for a suitable villa to purchase in North Cyprus then perhaps.....
North Cyprus property market 2022

North Cyprus Property Market in 2022

We have all been made well aware of how business, in general, has suffered over the last two years......
london investor show

London is a Great Success!

Kensington recently attended the most popular property exhibition for investors in the UK.....
homes in north cyprus

Homes and Property, Thalassa, North Cyprus

There are many options and developments available these days......
property investor show london

Kensington at ExCel in London

Kensington to attend the Property Investor Show in London....
kensington esentepe properties

Kensington Esentepe Projects in Virtual form!

Kensington has again produced a fantastic option of viewing.....
thalassa north cyprus 2022

2022 is the year of Thalassa!

What will the New Year and 2022 bring us here in North Cyprus and for the property market?
digital currency north cyprus

Kensington in Crypto Partnership with Utrust

Clients have been able to purchase their Kensington villas and apartments in North Cyprus.....