Unit Types

2, 3, 4, 5 and 8 bedroom Villas

Unit Size

108 m2 - 500 m2

Superbly located, nestling next to the beautiful Mediterranean Sea in the coastal area of Esentepe, the upscale K-Villa range of properties is surrounded by the intrinsic charm and beauty of Northern Cyprus.  

Kensington has reinvented the wheel with stunning property designs, immersing potential property owners in a feeling of freedom and openness with interiors that only serve to complement the wonderful external panorama.  

Move around versatile and un-cluttered interior architecture that offers you time to appreciate and value the environment around you.  With quality and style as part of the Kensington ethos, we ensure that our clients feel as inspired as we do, with fresh designs, open spaces and natural light allowing properties to feel part of and at with one with the landscape

Make your choice from a selection of stunning 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8 bedroom villa properties.


Property Types

2 Bedroom

108 m2

3 Bedroom

157 m2

3 Bedroom

433 m2

5 Bedroom

294 m2

8 Bedroom

500 m2

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Project Location

Situated along the stunning coastline in the desirable area of Esentepe, with some of the best beaches in North Cyprus.

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