Homes and Property, Thalassa, North Cyprus

There are many options and developments available these days……

11.03.2022 14:17

Homes and Property, Thalassa, North Cyprus

11.03.2022 14:17

Thinking about buying your very own home in North Cyprus?

There are many options and developments available these days, no more so than the accelerated development along the beautiful Iskele coastline on the south eastern side of Northern Cyprus.  Here we now see developments springing up all over the area, some of which are now ‘high rise’ by standards in the country, with the tallest currently being 30 floors.  Developments like this are also more inland, as taller structures are not allowed on the coastline itself.  homes property iskele north cyprus

Whilst it is encouraging to see the popularity of the Iskele area, which has some wonderful beaches, it is perhaps a sign of the times that the area will be  home to many high rise buildings.  This may well suit some investors, who look to cash in on the holiday letting market in North Cyprus, and are purchased for pure investment.  But, for those looking for a family environment, and who wish to utilise their property as a second home, holiday home or even a full time home for themselves and their family, the mindset for these property investors can be quite different.

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North Cyprus a Best Beachfront Buy for Forbes in 2021

For investors looking for a property on a development with a beach included, in a lower rise development, where its ethos is to offer a peaceful place in which to holiday and relax, or indeed live full time, then Thalassa Beach Resort & Spa is an attractive option for many North Cyprus property investors.  Also, North Cyprus having been voted as one of Forbes Best Beachfront buy countries in 2021, has meant that more people than ever are more aware of North Cyprus as a fantastic location option.

Thalassa Beach Resort & Spa is located in Bafra, around 20 minutes from Iskele and 40 minutes from the main historical port city of Famagusta, along a beautiful stretch of coastline.  Its very location evokes calm and relaxation, which is why, even classed as a beach holiday resort, people also choose to live here full time.  Those who are lucky enough to be able to work remotely, have the enviable lifestyle of being able to live in a location where they can take their time, breathe in the scenery, walk the coastline and then get to their working day with a clear head and no stress.

For families, there is the joy of being able to let your children free to play in a safe environment.  For retirees, there is nothing better than spending your time relaxing at the Spa or the indoor pool and reading all those books you never had time to read, with your breakfast, on  your balcony.  And for holiday guests, there is perhaps never a need to even leave the resort for the duration of their stay, given that there is everything they may need on site.

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Discover Your Perfect Lifestyle

The other distinction perhaps, from some other developments, is that Thalassa offers a large open space, so for those who perhaps want to find a quiet spot, and those who wish to get involved and participate in some activity, there is something for everyone.  Thalassa takes advantage of its location by offering guests and home owners the ability to explore the local area, with walking, running and cycling a majorly popular exercise choice for many these days.  There are miles of fantastic trails and secret beach coves surrounding the area, with no major roads around, really cementing the feeling that you are living within, and at one, within nature.

Within the resort there is plenty to do, from outdoor sports and watersports, to indoor and outdoor pools, fully equipped gym and a wonderful, warm and welcoming Spa & Hamam.  The range of activities increases yearly, adding an amphitheatre and outdoor firepit for social events such as music nights and outdoor cinema.  The onsite restaurant, Deks, is a social hub, with events and welcoming atmosphere, offering a range of local and international dishes, with a mini market for essentials.

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Be as active and as social as you want, or as peaceful and private as you need.

We love Thalassa, and we say that with a genuine heart – the more time you spend here, we are sure you will also feel exactly the same way!  So, no matter your life situation, no matter if you are single, a couple or a family, there are many reasons as to why Thalassa Beach Resort & Spa is an excellent property investment option in North Cyprus.

To add, as Thalassa is a fully managed, maintained, secure and serviced resort, home owners are able to use the services of the on site management company, Tavor Management, for management of their properties, both with monthly maintenance package and successful rental programme, amongst their services.

With Phase I well on the way to being fully sold, Phase II will be announced in 2022, with another superb range of apartment style properties being launched.  For more information on current availability for properties ranging from Studios to 3 Bedroom Penthouse and private pool apartments at Thalassa, please visit our project page or :

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