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Kensington Adapts to Change

north cyprus propertyLife has taken a turn for us all these last few months, with the world seeing the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.  It is a hard time for everyone, and nothing has quite affected business in such a way for decades.  In these days of Covid-19,  a positive outlook and approach, with new ways of working is a must.  Continuing to do business as much as possible when this pandemic has pretty much stopped the world from its general day to day routines, in personal and business lives, has not been without challenges.  The property industry in North Cyprus obviously relies heavily on guests and clients being able to travel as part of being able to do business.   With that in mind, although a hindrance, we have all had to adapt and adjust.

Our sales team has swung into true proactive style with relative ease and has come up with new ideas and ways in which to keep in touch, educate, and update everyone on our projects.  From agents to existing and prospective clients, we have been able to provide ways in which we can remain in contact, be available, and produce additional sources of information and updates on our products.

For old and new agents we have been busy giving online tutorials on Kensington projects, making sure that anyone selling on behalf of Kensington is kept in the picture and has all the materials to enable them to promote and sell on our behalf efficiently and effectively. Our agents are an integral part of our business, and with so many from all around the world, to keep them informed is paramount at all times.  Continuing to build our network of agents, as well as continuing to improve our existing relationships is always something that we take seriously and pride ourselves on.

For clients who are in the process of purchasing a Kensington property in North Cyprus, we have been in constant contact, offering assurance and updates on their property build where possible.  Some clients have taken this opportunity to now look at our selection of furnishing packs and additional extras that are available so that they can budget accordingly, once their property is ready for possession.

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For prospective clients, who perhaps had already visited prior to travel restrictions, but had not made their final choice, we have been able to provide virtual tours of the properties that they had a further interest in.  This has been able to refresh their memories and provide even further details on properties that had been viewed and added to their wish list.  Even if now is not the right time for them to commit, it will serve as a decision-making tool when they are able to.  In some cases, these virtual tours have proven very useful and enough for a client to place their deposit, which is great news.

We have broadcast Instagram live stories, giving a wider audience the opportunity to see Kensington projects.  As part of that process, new leads and interest is generated, keeping our sales team busy following up and talking to new prospects.  Of course, social media is already an important tool for businesses, however even more so it is now acting as vital tool in maintaining communication links with our audience, property owners and agent base.  Regular newsletters for our property owners and agents keep all parties feeling part of the process too, and offers a close tie to other owners, particularly those at our Thalassa Beach Resort project.


Of course, this time has also given the Kensington Family a chance to catch up on busy workloads, getting all those non-urgent things done that we never seemed to have had time for before.  It is an opportunity to strategise and brainstorm on many different things and a time for new ideas to be formed.

Our clients remain our priority throughout and we are proud of how our teams, throughout the business, have been able to adapt and continue to provide service.  As a company Kensington is committed to overcoming obstacles of any kind and at any time.  This attitude has helped enormously in adjusting to the current situation we are all faced with.  The one thing we are seeing even more clearly is the wonders of technology that have been more useful than ever before.

We wish you all the best of health and remain safe.  We will see you as soon as is possible, ready and waiting!

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