What actually determines what is often called a ‘luxury property’?

If you are looking to purchase such a thing when looking to buy a villa property in North Cyprus, then allow us to give you our take on it!

Many North Cyprus property developers describe their properties with the word luxury attached. And, rightly so, you will find some extremely luxurious looking properties around, with wonderful interiors and unique fixtures and fittings, that do make them stand out from the rest. Indeed, this always helps to achieve the meaning and sense of the word.

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For Kensington a luxury villa property doesn’t just mean opulent finishes, decoration or peripheral furnishings. For us it also refers to the attention to detail in the design and layout of a villa property. The size of rooms and the practical details of living spaces, to ensure that actually utilising a property is feasilble for every day living.

The things that you do not see when a property is complete is also part of achieving luxury too. The quality of build, using materials that help retain and expel heat for example, making the property an asset at any time of year. The use of modern technologies and techniques are things that will make you feel you are living in a luxury property in terms of comfort.

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There are many factors to a luxury villa property in North Cyprus

A luxury villa property in North Cyprus should be well thought out in terms of materials to be used, from building frameworks to quality paints. Properties in North Cyprus should be built to last and stand the test of time. For example, rather than having to repaint your property in 2 years, quality materials mean you can leave it longer until the property should look like it needs a fresh coat. We believe there is a certain luxury to that!

There are many things to think about when a property is referred to as a luxury villa. Another is location! North Cyprus is a beautiful place to be and to live and relocate to. When looking at any property investment in North Cyprus, location must be a key factor. What is a luxury location in that case? For Kensington it has to be by the sea.

villa adam esentepeTake a look at our stunning and most delfintely luxury villa property in Esentepe – Villa Adam – this property is something special, and is the epitomy of what a luxury villa in North Cyprus actually is. Whilst big, with 8 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, it has been designed to take full advantage of its ‘luxury’ location. This is no holiday home, unless you want it to be. This is a coastal property with access to the beach, but one which also offers everything else in between, with stunning views to the mountains, forest and sea. All achieveable from its many outdoor spaces and terraces, both on the ground and upper floors. Every thought has gone into making sure the design of its internal areas makes it a wonderful property in which to live in on a daily basis.

And yes, the finishings, furnishings and attention to detail do add to the term of luxury in this case!

For us, at Kensington, we believe that a luxury villa property in North Cyprus means a really liveable property, one that functions in perfect syncroncity with its surroundings, and one which is built to extremely high standards. A luxury property can be a Studio apartment or a huge 8 bedroom villa. it is the thought process behind the finished product that defines what luxury means, and we think we do that rather well!

For more information on luxury villa properties in North Cyprus, take a look at our Property Portfolio or feel free to contact us any time.