North Cyprus Property Developers

When you are starting out on the road to investing in property ….

11.09.2020 09:00

North Cyprus Property Developers

11.09.2020 09:00

How Do You Find the right Developer?

When you are starting out on the road to investing in property in North Cyprus, where would your first point of research begin?  Buying an overseas home in any country is never an easy task and plenty of research is recommended before you even think about visiting.

Everyone has heard of ‘nightmare’ situations that buyers have found themselves in, the UK market who purchased holiday property in Spain back in the 1980’s being an example of how things can go very wrong, particularly when people may not have had such easy access to information back then.

north cyprus property developers

First Steps in Research

A general search on the North Cyprus property market would be prudent, to understand price ranges and property types available.  These days it is not hard to actually find the developer directly, so you should be able to obtain prices straight from them.  Whilst prices for real estate in North Cyprus have steadily risen over the years, prices are still well below those of other popular mediterranean locations.

Looking at a particular area in which you might wish to purchase a North Cyprus property is obviously important.  That in itself can take some time, depending on your requirements, should you have children requiring schools or are retired but want to be close to local amenities.  Generally, however, the areas of Kyrenia and Famagusta are the more popular districts that people will look to buy property in North Cyprus.  Once you have a good idea of where you might like to live then you can start to check out the developers that build in those areas.

North Cyprus property developers do tend to base themselves in a particular area, as they know the locality very well and have experience of the terrain.  Kensington, for example, has been developing and selling property in North Cyprus for over 20 years, mainly the in Esentepe (Kyrenia) region, although have now ventured further afield with Thalassa Beach Resort, based in the Famagusta region.

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Choosing Your Developer

Again, research will often help very much before visiting North Cyprus, in terms of seeking out advice and testimonials from other buyers amongst other things.  The internet these days makes life so much easier to find information, but be mindful to actually talk to the developers directly too.  There are some long-standing companies nowadays that have been around for years, who have taken time to establish themselves for the long term, invested wisely, and sold sensibly before starting other projects.  They can all be found online,

showcasing their projects, with a lot of material to look at to learn more about the properties, prices, designs and locations. Reputation is extremely important when looking at buying a home in North Cyprus, and Kensington is a developer who is proud to have an excellent reputation in the property market.  Not just from a developer point of view, but also from the tenure of its long term staff,  some of which have been with the company for over 15 years, which is always a very good sign of a reputable company too.

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The End Game

The property you may end up choosing may be purely down to how comfortable you feel with the developer building it for you.  That, along with other features such as sensible financing, payment plans and the customer service you receive, play a huge part in helping you buy your home in North Cyprus.  Indeed, you may even end up comprising on some your wishes due to how comfortable you feel between a developer that makes you feel confident in your decisions, versus someone who says they can accommodate everything you want but doesn’t give you a natural sense of confidence.

Above all, research is never a bad thing as long as you look at things from a non-biased viewpoint, gather your findings, and then prepare to make decisions you are comfortable with.  You will not be disappointed with Kensington – we have been looking after our clients for over 20 years and are proud to continue to do so.  You will be given a personalised experience, with options for a property that suits your needs and budget, as well as a pleasant, non pressured service.  We wish you all the best in finding your home in North Cyprus!

north cyprus property developers


To find out more about the properties by Kensington, please contact us for further information either from our Sales Director, Elina Dubovik via email to or by phone on +90 533 862 1686 or visit our website for more information on our current property projects.

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