Relocating to North Cyprus in 2021

Looking to invest in relocation and property in North Cyprus?

07.01.2021 13:46

Relocating to North Cyprus in 2021

07.01.2021 13:46

Looking to invest in relocation and property in North Cyprus?  Well done and congratulations!

That is the first hurdle completed for sure.  To decide that you want to come and relocate to North Cyprus is a very good decision and one we are sure you will have no regrets in making.  Many of us end up living in North Cyprus after having fallen in love with the life here.  Whatever your reasons, there are many factors to consider when looking to relocate to North Cyprus. The cost of living here will always be a major factor for us all, so you would need to judge that, based on your own lifestyle of course.

Local goods, foods and services are obviously affordable, but you would look to pay more for imported of the same.  A small income for workers or a pension for retirees can still go a long way here, but families would need to look at other factors of course . Dining out in North Cyprus can also be very cheap when eating at local Cypriot restaurants, or, should you prefer high-class eateries costs can no doubt differ greatly.

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Cost of Living in North Cyprus is still affordable

The amount we also pay for our utilities can differ greatly too, but the general cost of 1KW of electricity, or 1 Litre of gas, or 1 ton of water is still amazingly cheap.  As most local councils charge a standard rate for 10 tonnes of water, included with their charges for street cleaning and rubbish collection, you may be shocked to learn that it can equate to around £5-6 per month.  Electric all depends on whether you run air conditioning regularly or have a pool, but again it is much cheaper than most of us expect to pay.  Gas comes in the form of bottles which are used for connecting to cookers, or heaters, and more popular these days is a large gas tank on your property to run central heating and hot water via boilers. 

Families find that North Cyprus is a great place to relocate for the comfort of safety for their children and, with numerous top educational facilities available these days, don’t have to compromise on their kids education.  In most major town and cities these days, families can find plenty of education options from kindergarten to university, taught either in English or a mix of English and Turkish. Some of us love to use a traditional wood burning stove during winter months, so you would need to take into account the cost of wood every year.

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For many our lives are more stress-free

The peace and tranquility, away from the hectic city lives we may have led back in our home countries, is something that most of us value greatly.  North Cyprus is certainly a better place to be living if you are seeking a more balanced work to social life.  Crime is still relatively low and something which most of us have never experienced in many years of living in North Cyprus, making it a very secure place in which to live and work, as well as safe for children.

If you are ever in need of healthcare in North Cyprus, again there is a state system which is useful if you hold a work permit, as costs are very low for state care in comparison to other countries.  Plus there is a very good network of private hospitals and clinics which offer excellent standards of care and service.  Those that have remained reliant on state healthcare in their home countries are often able to seek out private healthcare in North Cyprus, and also find it very affordable in comparison.  Health insurance is also widely available and a very helpful option for many.

When looking to ship your worldly belongings to North Cyprus then again, there are many options and companies that can help.  This is one of the decisions which will hopefully start off your relocation in a good way, so ask around, do your research and you will find some very highly recommended logistics companies that can help you move your life to North Cyprus.

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Do your research and you won’t go wrong

When looking to buy a property in North Cyprus then, of course, Kensington is here to help and assist.  Taking into consideration the above, and more, finding the right property, in the right area, for your own lifestyle, is one of the biggest things to consider.  Whether you are looking for a petite, boutique property for one, a peaceful apartment for two, or a full-on family home, Kensington has a home for everyone.

We hope we have given you some food for thought and that it can help in reminding you about some of the factors to consider when looking to move to North Cyprus.  We also recommend a great website, Essential Cyprus, a site dedicated to relocating, living and holidaying in North Cyprus, which has a mine of articles and information to help you along the way.

Our team at Kensington are always available to help with you any queries you may have about relocation and all that it might entail.  Feel free to browse our Kensington Properties and Projects via this link.  To talk to our team about some of the stunning property options by Kensington, then please use the contact form below and we will be in touch.

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