Property Gems in North Cyprus

If you are looking for a property in North Cyprus, and you are..

15.05.2020 10:22

Property Gems in North Cyprus

15.05.2020 10:22

Looking for Something to Escape To?

If you are looking for a property in North Cyprus, and you are either starting out on the property investment ladder, or your budget is tied to a smaller investment right now, then take a look at our superb Olive Grove apartments. 

These 1 bedroom gems are a perfect first step to investing in North Cyprus.  Located in the popular area of Esentepe, on the northeast coast of North Cyprus, they have a lot to offer the discerning property investor.

1 bedroom property north cyprus

We use the word ‘little’ in this article, but in reality they are anything but, apart from the super price!  1 bedroom yes, stuffy and cramped?  No.  These well designed and constructed properties are so bright

and breezy, light and airy that it gives them, even more, a feeling of space and sense of room.  At 54m2 internal area the price tag matches, starting at £54,950.

Space and a Feeling of Freedom

Everything within these apartments has been designed to give such a feeling and it certainly succeeds.  Each apartment has been decorated tastefully with large windows and wall to floor doors to terraces

and patios, offering a significantly large area to both dine and relax.  Almost another room to add to these sought after properties.

investor property north cyprus

Olive Grove

Currently, there are 2 blocks to Phase I of Olive Grove, each with 6 apartments, which are now mainly sold.  Phase II will comprise another 3 blocks in total.  The site has ample on site private parking and

a lovely communal pool area for all to enjoy.  It is set within our existing Turtle Bay Village site, which is a well established and popular area for both full time and holiday living.

Location Location Location

As well as the properties themselves being a superb opportunity for North Cyprus property investors, the location is also another reason to look at Olive Grove as a great investment with an excellent opportunity for a good return on your investment in the future.

It is less than 5 minutes from the renowned Korineum Golf & Beach Resort – an 18 hole championship standard venue for golf lovers.  Even if you are not a golfing fan, your guests maybe, if you are looking to see a rental return on your investment that is!

1 bedroom property north cyprus

Beaches Galore

Esentepe is well known as an area of beauty and nature, with some of the best beaches around.  To add even more reasons as to why Olive Grove is an ideal choice when looking to buy property in North Cyprus, there are several excellent beach locations, both within walking distance or a short drive away.  A short walk will take you to Turtle Bay Cove beach, a relatively hidden spot with a sandy beach to spend your days relaxing. 

Alagadi Beach, which comprises 3 bays is a wonderfully long stretch of sandy shores just a few minutes drive away, where Green and Loggerhead turtles come to nest every year.  It is a popular place for beachgoers but not so busy that you can’t enjoy space, a good swim in clear waters, and a long, peaceful walk along the shore.

Esentepe as a village itself has plenty of facilities and amenities, meaning you can do your shopping, visit a bank, go to a restaurant, fill up your car and go to the pharmacy, without having to travel very far at all, should you not wish to.

1 bedroom property north cyprus

History and Culture

The main town of Girne (Kyrenia) along the west is a 20-minute drive away, offering the hustle and bustle of a touristic area, with plenty of restaurants, bars and shops to while away the day, as well as the historical feature of Girne castle and the wonderful back streets behind the harbour with its history, interesting architecture and old buildings.

At times, it’s not only about the property itself, but also about its location – isn’t that what they say, location, location, location?!  It doesn’t take long to really get to any place in North Cyprus, so the island is actually the location!

In the other direction try Famagusta on the southeast coast, around a 40-minute drive.  Another beautifully historical area you can experience more of the same, with the superb Lala Mustafa Pasha mosque, once a cathedral, ancient city walls, and superb Salamis ruins.

We will finish by saying that buying a property in North Cyprus is a great opportunity for the now and for the future.  The property market will only continue to grow and prices will rise, but for now, North Cyprus is one of the cheapest investment locations in the Mediterranean.

For more information please visit our Olive Grove project page, or view our brochure here. Our sales team are always on hand to answer any queries you may have and provide you with a virtual tour!

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