Finding a Trustworthy Property Developer

When you are looking at buying property in North Cyprus……..

13.08.2021 12:47

Finding a Trustworthy Property Developer

13.08.2021 12:47

Finding the Right North Cyprus Property Developer

When you are looking at buying property in North Cyprus, what is the first thing that you may think about? We know that most clients will be thinking first about how much they can spend, together with the costs of purchase. We also know that most will next think about location and where they would like to have their North Cyprus home. 

In previous years many people really did not have the reputation of a North Cyprus property developer at the forefront of their mind as one of the most important things to assess. Unfortunately, as with most countries that see a huge rise in popularity from overseas, the next big holiday home destination locations can suffer from downfalls.

A rush to join in on the action sadly saw those who had no previous construction or property development experience, aiming to cash in on the new influx of property investors. Many investors forgot their usually reasoned approach, snapping up homes, not even thinking about doing their research.

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Longevity is Key

Thankfully, those days are now very few and far between, and we now see those North Cyprus property developers who have invested heavily and done things the right way, remaining. It is extremely important to ensure that due diligence is done with every aspect of a property build and purchase. With the added fact that North Cyprus has some different Title Deed options, it is imperative that you also employ a lawyer to check the status of the property you wish to buy.

Kensington has been building property in North Cyprus for 20 years and is committed to the island and continuing to build on its already solid reputation. Kensington property is only built on sound title deeds at all times and in some of the best locations in North Cyprus. The company has always invested back into further projects and is proud of those which have been completed in its history so far.

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Good Reputations are Paramount

We all know that a reputation is easy to break but hard to earn, and maintaining ours is always something that is important to us, both as a company, as well as the individuals that work hard for the company, some of whom have been with the company since its inception. Another testament to the strength and commitment of its workforce strive to make Kensington a leading North Cyprus property developer.

Starting with a range of upmarket residential villas in the Besparmak mountain range area of Catalkoy, not far from the centre of Kyrenia, Kensington has gone on to develop executive style villas, apartment complexes of over 300 units with pools and amenities, through to smaller and private boutique-style apartments and lock and leave style 1-bed apartments, all based along the north-east coastal area of Esentepe.

Kensington also embarked on an ambitious project, its largest to date, with Thalassa Beach Resort & Spa, a beachfront resort with over 1,000 units, with onsite facilities, beach, and restaurant. This project has excited investors looking at North Cyprus, due to its beach location in a designated tourism area, with its successful Rental Programme and onsite management and maintenance capabilities. This resort project offers a wide range of property types to suit investors of all kinds.

trusted north cyprus property developer

Working With You for Your Perfect Home

Reputable external companies are used where necessary, many of whom have worked with Kensington for many years. Quality materials, fixtures and fittings are used on all properties, meaning maintenance is not required for longer periods of time. Properties can also be revised by clients should they wish, prior to and during some builds, allowing them to add their own personal tastes to their finished home.

Kensington is proud to have made North Cyprus its home, contributing to the infrastructure and development of popular areas for property investors seeking second homes, full-time residences or holiday homes in North Cyprus. Our sales team all live and breathe the company ethos, offering our clients unparalleled customer service and ongoing care at all times. Some of our clients have provided their own testimonials of their own experiences when purchasing their property with Kensington.

If you would like to talk to us about how Kensington can help you find your ideal home, taking you through the buying process step by step and looking at options to suit you, with no pressure, then please feel free to : | ☎ +90 533 862 16 86 |

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