Is North Cyprus a safe place to buy property?

This question, perhaps to some unsurprisingly, is not so regularly asked….

30.06.2022 22:48

Is North Cyprus a safe place to buy property?

30.06.2022 22:48

Is North Cyprus a safe place to buy property?

This question, perhaps to some unsurprisingly, is not so regularly asked in recent years, but we do still get asked “Is it safe to buy North Cyprus property?”  Our sales team spends a lot of time talking with clients who are looking at investing in a property.  Whilst, as mentioned, not so many people are now not so concerned, we do still hear of some uncertainty from time to time.

It is good that clients are asking the question, it just goes to show that potential investors are doing their research and therefore right to make sure they understand the history and the legal changes that have happened in the property purchasing market in recent years.  However, there are some misconceptions amongst many clients, which we are more than happy to clarify for them.

is north cyprus a safe plcae to buy

Kensington can reassure you

It is of paramount importance amongst our sales team to reassure clients at all times, and can also refer them to a legal representative if they wish to have a further in-depth understanding.

Of course, property buying can be very different wherever you are looking to buy in the world, so a basic understanding of how things work is very important.

We have found that are some common misconceptions amongst North Cyprus property investors:

  • North Cyprus Title Deeds are unsafe and/or difficult to obtain – not so. Many regulations and processes have been put in place in recent years, and the government of Northern Cyprus underwrites every title deed issued.  It is now a quick process to obtain Permission to Purchase in North Cyprus. The history of Cyprus, and the subsequent founding of Northern Cyprus make it understandable for many North Cyprus property buyers to misunderstand the situation, but the risks with North Cyprus property is far lower than in other overseas property destinations.olive grove investor apartments esentepe

Buying property in North Cyprus takes a long time – not so, for new build properties at least. Purchasing a ready property these days in North Cyprus can happen in a matter of 2 to 3 weeks – with developers build guarantees in place, there is no need for the land registry to complete a valuation.  Most buyers are dealing in cash with their purchases and therefore a contract is signed, monies are exchanged and the buyer is given the keys.  Of course, if finance is required, via the developer or bank, then this can extend the purchase time.

Villa property is more expensive than an apartment in North Cyprus – not necessarily so! Did you know, apartment properties by the beach can cost a lot more than a villa in the countryside or mountains?  Obviously, a beachfront apartment in North Cyprus is the high end of the market in terms of price, so some logic should be applied, but over recent years the lines have been well and truly blurred.  Whereas apartments were always the cheapest property type to purchase, things have most certainly changed.

  • safe property in north cyprus

All North Cyprus properties are eligible for bank mortgages for overseas purchasers – not so. Unlike in many European destinations, not all North Cyprus properties are eligible for bank mortgages for overseas buyers.  But, there are now offers available on some properties, such as a 10 year mortgage, available at 50% of the purchase price.  Properties with individual title deeds would qualify for this type of new mortgage and the title deed should be issued at the time of purchase to be able to apply. There are of course developer loans to consider also, and most developers offer competitive financing options.

Purchasers do NOT need a lawyer in North Cyprus to purchase their property – not so. This is a very common misconception amongst property investors, who believe they can use a lawyer outside of North Cyprus to complete their purchase. Purchasers do need a lawyer trained and qualified in North Cyprus to act on their behalf, as property purchase contracts need to be drawn up and registered at the land registry.  Perhaps even more importantly they are employed to perform searches to ensure that there are no incumberances on the property which might prevent a purchase.  Most purchasers are not in North Cyprus during this process, so it is important to set up a Power of Attorney so that they can act on the purchasers behalf.

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As you can see from the above, it can be a daunting task to ensure that you have all the knowledge available when making a decision to purchase your dream property in North Cyprus.  These days there are many ways to research to make sure you are in a position to understand what the process entails.  Kensington is one of those places, where you can ask as many questions as you like to seek clarification.  Having been in the North Cyprus property business for over 20 years, we are able to assist with anything that you need.

For more information on buying property in North Cyprus, why not take a look at our Buying Guide section via this LINK.

Feel free to contact us at any time, we are happy to help and look forward to helping you on your journey to buy your perfect home.

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