Kensington in Crypto Partnership with Utrust

Clients have been able to purchase their Kensington villas and apartments in North Cyprus…..

15.12.2021 15:17

Kensington in Crypto Partnership with Utrust

15.12.2021 15:17

Cryptocurrency and Kensington

Clients have been able to purchase their Kensington villas and apartments in North Cyprus with cryptocurrency since 2013/14, in fact, Kensington was the first company to introduce this way of buying property in North Cyprus!

We have explained in previous articles, how the process works and we are pleased to say that we continue to see clients using this method of payment to pay for their property investment with us. kensington in crypto partnership

This method may not be suitable for everyone, but there is no denying that it is an increasingly popular way of buying and selling many different products and services.  With the ability to deal directly when purchasing any number of items, cutting away the need for middlemen,

it is exceptionally attractive to many of us.  It is also becoming easier and easier to use, with a wider range of providers open to the concept of selling their services and wares, via cryptocurrency.

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Changing to a Digital World

Whilst Bitcoin is a widely used term, (it generally being acknowledged as the first kind of cryptocurrency) there are many other trading cryptocurrencies such as Tether, Ethereum, Solana and XRP, to name just a few of the top names.  To read more about what’s on offer with Kensington, check out our other Bitcoin article.

Cryptocurrency, also referred to as Digital Currency allows investors to make payments instantly and safely from anywhere in the world without the hassle and costs of exchanging currencies and dealing with borders. It’s a wonderful technology that also greatly reduces transaction costs. It’s also safer and more transparent since users never have to share personal data online and all transactions are saved in a public ledger.

utrust partners with kensington

Proud Partners with Utrust

Kensington are very proud to announce that they have partnered with a company called Utrust, the leading global cryptocurrency payment solution, which is designed to modernise the finance and payments industry. It allows users to use digital currencies with the tap of a finger, making life very easy!

Born in 2017, it has since introduced its payment platform in 2019, now amassing an amazing clientele, who are happy to partner with Utrust, making their products crypto friendly.  Buy a Tesla car, a Rolex watch, rent or buy a home, or a piece of art!  As you can see, cryptocurrency is accepted by a very versatile range of businesses.  Transactions are instant, choose which digital currency you want to pay with and confirmation of transactions takes just minutes.

cryptocurrency north cyprus

Buying North Cyprus Property with Cryptocurrency

Things have never actually be easier and you can purchase any Kensington property via cryptocurrency.  Take a look at our range of projects, all available to view via Our Projects.

So, if you are looking to purchase your North Cyprus property via any cryptocurrency, rest assured, working with Utrust means you can make transactions comfortably and safely within a secure framework, tailor-made for speed and efficiency.

To find out more about Utrust and read about the benefits of using cryptocurrency visit their website for more information.

If you would like to talk to us about buying your own North Cyprus lifestyle property, please contact us at any time, we are always happy to help.


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