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Entry to North Cyprus

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A rather strange but possibly genuine concern for some overseas travellers is ‘can I enter North Cyprus’?  Perhaps the political situation and division of this small island have been the reason for the questions asked.  However, we are pleased to say, of course you can!

As far as research and confirmation goes, there are no countries around the world that would not be allowed to enter this beautiful area of Cyprus.  North Cyprus has been a very popular destination for many years, with visitors from all over the world visiting its pleasant shores and stunning landscape.

Entering North Cyprus

A more valid question these days may be, ‘how can I enter North Cyprus’?.  Something that is probably worth understanding in more detail.  Since 2003, and with the opening of the borders between the north and south parts of the island,

entry to north cyprus

there has been a widening of options for travellers who wish to visit North Cyprus.  Particularly for those looking to invest in North Cyprus property, it has been a huge advantage.

North Cyprus has Ercan International Airport, serving the north side of the island only.  Flights to and from the airport are regular with various airlines serving North Cyprus, however both arrivals and departures operate with a stop-over in Turkey.

Arriving to South Cyprus

South Cyprus has two airports, Larnaca and Paphos, offering a wide and extensive range of flights to destinations in Europe and around the world.  Arriving into the south of the island and wishing to travel through to the north then requires a journey by road to one of the drive-through border checkpoints, such as Pyla or Metehan, which requires a quick entry to north cypruspassport check when crossing.

It is worth noting that, should someone travel into Ercan but decide to travel out of the island via the south, this can cause issues, as the Republic of Cyprus deem Ercan or any other port of entry in North Cyprus to be illegal.  Important to remember if you are thinking about a visit to the south side of the island during your stay.

So, Who Can Enter North Cyprus?

As a general rule, as there are differing visa types, such as work and student visas, anyone from anywhere in the world can enter North Cyprus.  Whether they enter via the south or direct into Ercan Airport is not an issue and they will currently be issued with a 90 Tourist Visa on arrival.  It is worth noting that you trnc emblemshould have at least 6 months validation remaining in your passport, if you are from a non-European country and 2 months for those visitors from European destinations.

At the current time Nationals of the Syrian Arab Republic, the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Republic of Armenia need to apply in person to a TRNC Embassy, Representative Office or Consulate General abroad to obtain a visa prior to their travel to the TRNC.

All that is left to say is, we look forward to welcoming you!  For further information on entry requirements to North Cyprus please visit the official TRNC Government website.


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