North Cyprus Property Market in 2022

We have all been made well aware of how business, in general, has suffered over the last two years……

22.04.2022 10:44

North Cyprus Property Market in 2022

22.04.2022 10:44

North Cyprus Property Market 2022

We have all been made well aware of how business, in general, has suffered over the last two years.  The corona virus pandemic has also made us all aware of how life can also be very much unbalanced at times.  Remaining positive and diversifying business strategies quickly, has been key in continued success for many of us.  Here in North Cyprus, the property market for 2022 now looks very bright indeed and we are already seeing the fruits of our labours.

With the general easing of travel restrictions all over the world, at Kensington we are seeing more and more potential investors in North Cyprus booking inspection trips to come and view our projects with a view to buying their own home.  Even though being able to supply excellent online resource such as virtual property tours for both our Thalassa Beach Resort & Spa project and our residences in Esentepe, nothing quite beats being able to visit projects in person.

North Cyprus property market 2022

Freedom to Travel

Equally, as we are also now able to travel, attending property exhibitions will most certainly be on the agenda for Kensington, after the success seen at the recent Property Investor Show in London.  Plans are afoot to attend numerous exhibitions and property shows in Europe over the course of 2022.

The focus for Kensington for 2022 will also be firmly on Thalassa Beach Resort & Spa, where we will be launching our hotly anticipated Phase II of this superb residential beachfront resort project.  Phase I has so few apartment units available for purchase, that it is fast becoming a project with nothing left to sell!  There are just a few prime apartments remaining so if you are interested in owning a property on this fully managed and maintained project, then please contact us at any time.

North Cyprus property market 2022

North Cyprus continues to be competitive

With other events occurring around the world, we are also seeing an increase in shortage of goods and services, causing prices to rise.  We may therefore expect for building costs to rise in the coming year.  That said, property prices are always competitive, in comparison to other European locations. 

North Cyprus also prices property in GBP Sterling, so with other Mediterranean destinations now operating more in Euro, you may also find it pleasing to know that you will get a lot more for your budget than perhaps you may think.

Reasons to invest in North Cyprus

Property prices are also on the increase in general, despite the current increase in building costs, mainly due to demand for investors looking more and more at North Cyprus as an investment location.  The affordable cost of living for so many is a definite attraction also. 

Relocation is also a reality that many investors are able to choose these days, with remote working an ever increasing and realistic option.  North Cyprus is classed a safe destination for families, a safe place for children to grow up, with excellent education opportunities.

North Cyprus Property market 2022

Healthcare is another must-have for those looking to retire to North Cyprus, and the private healthcare system is exceptionally affordable for the majority of foreigners looking for their next home abroad in North Cyprus.  Retirees are very well catered for in terms of healthcare, affordable homes in the sun, as well the ability to mix and get involved in many outdoor activities, offering them a fantastic retirement lifestyle.

Talk to us Today

There are many reasons that people of all ages are looking at North Cyprus as both a place to invest and live and we are more than happy to be able to help potential homeowners discover their lifestyle property of choice.

We are available at any time to discuss options with you and to spend time showing you our wonderful property projects here in North Cyprus.

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