Kensington Affiliates Programme

Over the last few years selling property in North Cyprus

04.02.2021 09:27

Kensington Affiliates Programme

04.02.2021 09:27

Agents and Networks working in North Cyprus property

Over the last few years selling property in North Cyprus, it has become a more frequent practice for developers such as Kensington to work more

and more with agents and networks across the world, whose clients are looking to invest in North Cyprus property.

kensington affiliates programme

Whilst there are still many direct enquiries from the general public, looking at the possibilities of buying property directly from Kensington, we have certainly seen an increase in the networking and affiliate side of the market. It has also proved very successful in terms of reaching more and more potential investors around the globe, which is very good news for North Cyprus property developers such as Kensington.From the UK to Germany, Poland, Russia, Scandinavia, and beyond, we now have agents from many worldwide countries working.

in North Cyprus with offices and contacts in their home countries, all working to bring clients to North Cyprus to look at the best options for buying a home in North Cyprus. There are now many agents residing in North Cyprus that really help to publicise and push North Cyprus as a great place to live and invest in. What better for a client than having a fellow countryman located in North Cyprus that can answer all their initial questions. Kensington also have a multi-lingual sales force that can liaise effectively with agents of the same language so communication is easy!

kensington property tours

Property Tours and Inspection Trips

Kensington has been pleased with the results of having group property tours come to visit our projects, sometimes offering accommodation for the duration of the tour’s stay so that they can really appreciate the benefits of owning their own Kensington home. For clients lucky enough to come and stay at our properties, they can quickly assess the project and try out some of our apartments, as well as having full use of any facilities available.

Kensington operates an inspection trip offer for your direct clients that wish to come and experience what owning a property in North Cyprus is all about, with a 3 day / 2 night stay. Meals are included and we arrange flight transfers and flight costs are always refunded if a property is purchased.

Are you an overseas agent, promoting overseas property?

If you are yourself an agent, actively selling property anywhere in the world, why not consider looking at North Cyprus as a country to promote to your clients? Kensington is looking for affiliates to join us, offering generous terms, and we will work closely with you so that you have all you need to effectively market and sell our projects in North Cyprus.

Having been in the North Cyprus property market for over 20 years, we have a great reputation for customer service and high-quality product. We provide effective marketing and media materials to enable to you really understand the property market in North Cyprus, and our own projects in detail, as well as offering our own teams knowledge and expertise, who will assist you every step of the way.

kensington affiliates programme

Your clients, who may wish to visit North Cyprus firsthand, will be well taken care of from the moment they arrive and we make the best of the time they have with us, to ensure all their requirements are taken into consideration. We have a no-pressure ethos to selling property in

North Cyprus so your clients will be able to make their decisions without any concerns or stress. Even if your clients are not able to visit straight away, there are many options for introducing them to Kensington projects, via live tours, seminars and one on one tailored calls, together with details on properties of interest.

kensington affiliates programme

Kensington offer an Affiliates Programme

So, if you are interested in the potential of North Cyprus as a suitable place for your clients to invest in, then we would love to hear from you! Kensington’s Affiliate Programme is available to anyone looking to enter the property market in North Cyprus,

or for those who are already active in selling property in North Cyprus.  Kensington offers a wide range of property types to suit all tastes and at competitive prices, with payment plans to suit all finance needs. We can help you to assist your clients to successfully invest in this great place that is North Cyprus!



forbes beachfront property 2021One more reason to look at North Cyprus if you are marketing and selling property is the recent article by Forbes, rating the country as the No1 place for looking at investing in beachfront property in 2021!  Our superb beachfront residential resort Thalassa Beach Resort & Spa, is our most popular investment choice for those looking to buy property in North Cyprus – check out the article here!

Join with us to help you get the best property deals for your clients in North Cyprus

Please visit our Affiliates Page for more details and to enter your contact details for more information. We’ll be in touch! kensington affiliates programme

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