Buy to Rent Property in North Cyprus

If you are looking to purchase an investment property in North Cyprus…..

03.09.2021 10:08

Buy to Rent Property in North Cyprus

03.09.2021 10:08

Why Buy to Rent in North Cyprus?

If you are looking to purchase an investment property in North Cyprus, that will make you some income, your thinking may need to be a little different, to ensure that you are considering what holiday guests need and prefer, rather than your own preferences. 

North Cyprus has grown in attraction for holidaymakers over the recent past, and it is becoming increasingly important to understand what kinds of property tourists are looking for, to ensure they feel they are getting value for money and good quality when holidaying in North Cyprus.  With the country providing around 340 sunny days per year, it is also a deciding factor for property investors looking at North Cyprus as a place to invest in!

Known as a relatively safe country, with a wonderful local population who are always welcoming and helpful, along with some stunning beaches and landscapes to admire, property prices in North Cyprus are still extremely affordable in comparison to other Mediterranean counterparts.  The cost of living, eating out and being entertained are surprisingly cheap too.

buy to rent property north cyprus

Choosing Your Location

Increasingly, holidaymakers look to locations and developments in North Cyprus which can provide a complete holiday experience, so that they can relax and enjoy their holiday with minimum stress and organisation on their part.

Resorts and developments which have an inclusive beach and additional facilities are always an important factor in decision making of course.  The more facilities and services a resort development can offer, the better.  To ensure guests are occupied if they wish to be busy, or to equally offer relaxation in all forms, is essential.

thalassa beach resort and spa north cyprus

Even if a resort or development is set in a peaceful coastal location, a distance from the nearest city, does not mean that it cannot provide investors with some outstanding reasons to invest.  Many holidaymakers look for a retreat, away from the hustle bustle of life, a place to completely feel free and unwind.  For families they are also some of the safest places to bring children, where they can feel happy to let their children play to their hearts content with minimal supervision.

Taking Care of Your Property

When looking at buying property in North Cyprus, when you will not be present all year round, another important benefit is to have someone look after the property, deal with any issues and assist with your holiday guests.

Managed resorts, such as Kensington’s Thalassa Beach Resort & Spa are a popular choice for those looking to invest in North Cyprus rental property.  Services offered by an onsite management company, who can take the strain and look after investor properties, are of benefit to both investor and guest for many reasons.

buy to rent property north cyprus

What do Holidaymakers Ask for?

Most holidaymakers will ask the following questions when choosing their North Cyprus holiday property.

  • Does it have a beach?
  • Does it have plenty of modern facilities?
  • Can I stay on the resort without leaving, does it have everything I need?
  • Does it have a pool?
  • Can I feel secure with my family?

Certainly at Thalassa Beach Resort & Spa, the answer is yes.  And for investors, that is also reassuring.  To be able to offer a complete package for holidaymakers makes the process of obtaining a healthy level of rentals much easier.

thalassa beach resort and spa north cyprus

What Property Type Should I Invest In?

Obviously, when looking to buy a property here in North Cyprus, essentially things will depend on your investment budget.  At Thalassa, property investors are able to look at a wide range of apartment types, with prices starting at £59,950 (at the time of writing).

The more you can afford to spend, the better your income potential will certainly be, but investors are happy to hear that Studio apartments, the entry level apartment at Thalassa, are extremely popular for holiday bookings throughout the summer season and in off season too.

buy to rent property north cyprus

Thalassa is also able to offer 3 bedroom ground floor apartments, each with their own private pool, allowing investors to be able to offer properties for holidaymakers which can sleep up to 8 people.  These particular apartments are a perfect choice for those looking to holiday as a larger family group.

Whatever property type you choose to invest in, you will purchase a property of quality and style and without doubt, at a competitive price and value.  There is a large choice of property types at Thalassa, from studios, 1, 2 and 3 bed options, so plenty of options to choose from for investors.

What Else Makes a Property Popular for Holidaymakers?

We hear a lot from guests at Thalassa that they are pleased with the fact that rental apartments are modern, have touches of home about them, and are pleasantly and plentifully furnished.  Apartments for sale at Thalassa all have balconies, and those on the ground floors come with decked terraces, with top floors having huge roof terrace areas, complete with spa tubs, showers and pergolas.

holiday apartments thalassa north cyprus

Thinking of what should be included within the property when looking to make it available for holiday lets in North Cyprus, is very important.  Luckily, at Thalassa, the onsite management company, Tavor Management, is on hand to provide a complete listing of items that should be purchased to maximise potential for holiday rentals.  To have the best you can afford is paramount and there are certain standards which should be considered to enter our Rental Programme.

Of course views can also play a factor in peoples decision making when looking at holidaying in North Cyprus.  Thalassa has been designed and constructed so that each apartment has a sea view, an added bonus for anyone looking to purchase a property here.

buy to rent property north cyprus

Talk to Kensington

We hope we have given you some food for thought when looking at investing in a property for the rental market in North Cyprus.

For more information on returns you may expect as an investor, as well as rental guarantees and payment plan options, please feel free to: | ☎ +90 533 862 16 86 |

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