Why Invest in North Cyprus?

In the 1890s, The British Empire resided over Cyprus as the colonial rulers of the island.
If you walk anywhere in North Cyprus you will be able to recognize the British stamp on the area, with cars driving on the left side of the road, there are many Anglican Churches and beautiful colonial buildings, but maybe the most important detail – the sterling pound, which in general has always been a strong currency, is accepted in almost all of the shops and restaurants in North Cyprus. All these facts just helped to mark Northern Cyprus as one of the most up and coming areas in the world, in terms of real estate investments. But is it all? Not at all. Houses for sale in northern cyprus

Both local and foreign investors are welcome in the area, as Northern Cyprus offers comfort and a non-discriminatory business environment to pretty much everyone.
The availability of a qualified and young labour force is provided by the number of universities with students who then decide to stay here in North Cyprus and seek employment.

Education is an ever growing part of the North Cyprus economy with several internationally accredited universities, attracting a high level of overseas students.  Therefore, the high enrollment rate is another big advantage of investing in North Cyprus.

In addition to that, Turkey, the closest and most important neighbor to North Cyprus, is also a prime source of labour supply for business and trade in TRNC, due to approximately 70 million citizens living there.

The investment climate is expected to improve rapidly, with positive political progress on the island.
North Cyprus is enjoying a small but growing economy that provides a wide range of advantages to foreign and local investors.  

In general, the economy in Northern Cyprus  continues to grow at a slow and steady pace – which, although not being part of Europe, is still a rare thing.

Houses for sale in northern cyprusAs we have already written within our blog, the TRNC zone is blossoming in terms of investment. Experts continue to estimate that property prices in North Cyprus will increase further in the near future.

Besides the economy, North Cyprus has a good reputation for low crime rates and a healthy  community environment, which, together with the beautiful landscapes and fresh air, make it a place which still grabs imaginations.  Property investment is something that provides a sustainable economy and with such a wide choice of new build projects as well as older, more established property, there is a lot to choose from when looking at North Cyprus as an investment opportunity.

Take the warm climate, friendly community, beautiful views, historically interesting sites, all with a perfect, warm Mediterranean Sea. Add a newly refurbished airport, fantastic golf course, water sports and golden beaches and we believe you could wish for nothing else!

So, why invest in North Cyprus?
The economy is good, the property market is booming, which can only mean that property prices will increase in the near future and for all of these reasons, we believe it’s a great place to live as well as holiday!

For more information on investing in North Cyprus please feel free to contact us at sales@kensingtoncyprus.com.

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