Properties of your Choice

When you are looking at property choices in North Cyprus…

01.11.2019 13:09

Properties of your Choice

01.11.2019 13:09


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When you are looking at property choices in North Cyprus and the process of buying a new build or off-plan property in North Cyprus, then bear in mind that you will most likely have a choice of how you want your property to look like.  We have already covered furnishing your North Cyprus Property and accessorising with the right furniture and soft furnishings, but here we look at another way of making your property really stand out from the rest.

Firstly, it’s always a good idea to have a conversation with your builder or developer about what options are open to you, during the build process.  If the build has already begun it may still not be too late to make some changes or decisions in terms of the fixed items, such as tiles, cupboards, sinks and showers and even internal doors, for example.  Obviously, if the build has not started yet then you should have plenty of time, should you want to look at different items other than the standard.


property chpices north cyprus

Most property developers in North Cyprus, when building a project, will have a general standard of finish and also fixtures, which will be included within the sales contract.  The standard these days is pretty good, with quality fixtures and finishings included.  You will also usually be able to choose from a colour palette for things like floor and wall tiles, kitchen cupboard doors and so on.  But, they also may be able to offer a higher level of items that you can choose from too.

Electrical goods such as fridge/freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, and air conditioning units can often be included within a sales contract as part of your purchase, but are again items that you may be able to upgrade should you wish to.


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Kensington clients often would like to stamp their own tastes and personal preferences on their property.  Therefore we have property specialists who can advise on the options available, suitable to budget and can work with you to visit the merchants that we partner with, meaning better prices as well.

We offer clients viewing our show properties as either standard or upgraded versions which can provide ideas and inspiration, just from seeing a particular type of bathroom sink, faucet or shower.  Kitchen worktops are usually fitted with a standard vinyl finish, however, granite is a popular alternative for those looking for a higher standard of finish.  Floor tiles can often completely change the look of a property and come in a wide array of colours, finishes, styles and sizes.


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Olive Grove

If you ever wish to resell your property you may also benefit from having the edge over a standard finish too.  By spending a little more at the start, making your property a little different than the rest, it can help generate more interest when it comes to a time that you wish to sell.  Even if the price is a little higher clients often don’t mind spending a little more to buy something that has obviously been built with an upgraded finish.

When clients see something different that they fall in love with, as we all know, it is then very hard to then look at anything else.  There are so many property choices in North Cyprus these days, that when it comes to selling on, make your home stand out!

Clients can view Kensington show homes at any time to get a feel for the standards that are used in our builds, but we will always help to find that extra special something that our clients seek.  To find out more about our show homes please do contact us for further information via email our Contact Page or call us on 00 9(0) 533 862 1686.

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