Furnishing Property in North Cyprus

Just as we are passionate about property, you could…

09.08.2019 13:31

Furnishing Property in North Cyprus

09.08.2019 13:31

holiday property north cyprusFURNISHING TO BUDGET AND TASTE

Just as we are passionate about property, you could say we are also just as passionate about furnishing! To be able to build your own home or buy a second new build home, what better way to celebrate than being able to personalise it with your own choice of furniture and furnishings. Choosing how you want to furnish your new home is often the icing on the cake before you sit back and really enjoy the fruits of your endeavours.

If you are buying a property in North Cyprus as a rental investment then of course, the choices may be based on catering more for your guests, perhaps not so personalised and more practical, but still, your guests are going to be looking for comfortable and pleasant surroundings too!


If your purchase is to be for you and your families personal space, then of course, you may well wish to use a little more poetic Thalassa project

license with decoration and personalisation. Your own favourite colours added to fabrics and furnishings can be added at will, and that will always feel good! The essential items for any home are obvious of course, and there are plenty of shops and outlets now which can supply the more general kitchen and

bathroom items, let’s say the less interesting stuff like cutlery, pots and pans, bins and toilet brushes! When it comes to the bigger items, such as sofas, beds, curtains and electrical goods, which you might say are the more exciting purchases, then the choices are plentiful. Pretty much every well known brand name is available and some of the more modern, high tech items are very affordable.


Over the past few years the property market in North Cyprus has grown considerably and with it the rise of some very tasteful, modern and up to date furniture and furnishing stores.

Many now also offer the opportunity to purchase a complete package for your home, which makes life a lot easier if time is not on your side, with some

furnishing property north cyprus

even having interior designers who will work with the plans of your property to come up with ideas and solutions to suit your tastes and requirements. If you are looking for some assistance on the best places to visit, what items you may require, the types of designs that might suit your property,

then there are plenty of people on hand to help these days. Our own Kensington Property Specialists also have a very natural design eye and enjoy nothing more than helping clients with the pleasure of choosing their internal furniture and furnishings, in fact it’s one of the best parts of the job!


Kensington can offer various furniture packages and will advise on the types of essential items you should have, particularly if you are looking to rent your property as a holiday home to gain some income.

Our Thalassa Beach Resort project for example, having its own rental program, will require one of our team to assess your property for its rental suitability should you wish to join and can advise on any possible additions, that will ensure your property is a popular choice for those looking to book a holiday stay in your home. 

furnishing property north cyprus

All of the furniture and furnishings which are available to view in our show houses are hand-picked and chosen wisely for both aesthetic and practical purposes. Clients can then have a view of the kinds of items now available to shop for here in North Cyprus.

We love being able to show a range of choices and colour schemes that look really effective, suit every budget and which can really add on some value to your investment.

Should you purchase a property in North Cyprus through Kensington then our sales team are more than happy to help so please do make sure you take full advantage of their time and design skills!

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