Villa Homes by Kensington

At Kensington, we understand that our clients have differing ideas…..

28.05.2021 10:11

Villa Homes by Kensington

28.05.2021 10:11

Villa Homes by Kensington

At Kensington, we understand that our clients have differing ideas about what their North Cyprus villa property should be.  Having been in the property development market in North Cyprus for over 20 years, we believe we have a very detailed understanding of what it is that people look for and need when looking at investing in a home.

If you are looking for a home in North Cyprus which gives you a choice of view, all of which direct the viewer to the beautifully calm Mediterranean Sea and/or mountain range behind, from a reputable developer who can offer you a style of your choice, then look no further than Kensington.

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Traditional or Modern Designs

Kensington is able to offer homes that will appeal to those seeking a quality villa property with a more traditional approach in design, one which blends in with thoughts of what Mediterranean style living should be. 

Large open plan spaces, with exterior areas much in the foreground of design given the climate, lends itself to a large part of the year being able to dine and live al fresco.  Homes that offer residential comfort with a personal touch, with larger family needs, set within a peaceful neighbourhood.

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Having said that, over the years, with changes in fashion where properties and construction are concerned, Kensington can also offer a more modern approach to living space, offering wide aspects to encompass as much of the exterior views as possible, with floor to ceiling doors, opening up onto more

crisp and sharp exterior architecture.  For those that want to maximize the light coming into the interior, with a preference for the light being used to give a feeling of freedom and more space, we can also interest clients with our Lavender property design.  This, a new style of Meditteranean living, has proved popular over recent years.

Building a Home of Quality

All Kensington homes are built to high specifications, using the latest modern building techniques and quality materials. Clients are offered a choice of finishes and fixtures available or our team is on hand to help you should you wish to add your own, personal sense of style and comfort.

Whatever preference you have, Kensington can work with you, should you wish to add some personal changes and specifications to your home, from a change in the design to the interior and exterior finishes and fixtures.

villa properties by kensington

Location Location Location

As well as having a dream home of quality, a wonderful location is also guaranteed, minutes from the beach and beautiful coastline, in an upmarket residential area.  The choice of exactly where your North Cyprus villa property will be built is also available, giving you the choice of view to the Mediterranean Sea.

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Kensington has a Home for Everyone

Whichever property you choose with Kensington, you can be assured of personal service at all times, and a finished home to be proud of.  Please feel free to ask for assistance from our Sales Team about how you can achieve the home of your dreams.

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