Property Buying Guide for North Cyprus

We get asked a lot at Kensington as to how easy it is to buy a property…

08.05.2020 10:40

Property Buying Guide for North Cyprus

08.05.2020 10:40

How Easy is it to Buy Property in North Cyprus?

We get asked a lot at Kensington as to how easy it is to buy a property in North Cyprus.  Being a unique place in so many ways, it is perhaps easy to get lost in the process and trying to understand the situation

with regards to North Cyprus title deeds and all that it entails.  That aside, and once explained in such a way as to make people more aware, the process of buying property in North Cyprus is actually pretty easy.

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Our clients will almost always have done some initial research after having decided to invest in North Cyprus, which is always a good sign.  It is then a case of clarifying anything they have not quite understood or have additional questions on.

North Cyprus is still a relatively ‘new’ location for many property investors, after perhaps having come across this gem of a place whilst researching property in the mediterranean.  Checking the price of property, and understanding that it would be a much cheaper alternative than other mediterranean locations, it then becomes a case of a visit to determine the possibilities.

Everyone has their own idea of what the right property is for them.  Kensington has a reputation built and sustained on quality, affordability and choice.

The procedure of buying a home in North Cyprus is quite straightforward and not significantly different from acquiring a home in more established mediterranean destinations. However, there are always a few points to remember.

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Having decided on which type of property you would like to buy and reached agreement on the price, you will need to appoint a solicitor to act on your behalf. This is called granting ‘Power of Attorney’ and enables legal matters such as confirmation of deeds and application to the Council of Ministers for the purchase permit to be handled on your property purchase, whilst you are out of the country.

At the start of the process, you will really only need a passport and a deposit payment as well as initial fees that a lawyer may require to start the legal process.  The lawyer’s job is to then check that the title deed to ensure it is clean of mortgages, debts and claims.  A contract will be drawn up for signature, which will detail payments, these depending upon an already completed property versus one under construction or yet to be started, for example.

The lawyer also must apply to the Council of Ministers on the Purchaser’s behalf for the purchase permit and once this has been received the title can then be transferred into the new owners name once the application to do so has been approved at a District Land Office, and the sale is then complete.

What to Buy?

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Whether it be a private apartment or villa residence, big or small, or property set within a resort environment with facilities for all, you can be assured we can provide a wealth of options for our clients.  From spacious studio apartments to 8 bedroom luxury villas, our mission is to offer a vast range of accommodation to suit all budgets and requirements.

Whatever property you choose by Kensington you will find beaches, on your doorstep or a short walk away.  Helping you to choose the right property with all that North Cyprus has to offer is the ethos of who we are, and what we do.

Many investors are attracted to Northern Cyprus because of the wide choice of affordable properties in prime locations. Combined with the beauty of the Northern side of the island,

people quickly realise that they could very easily feel at home within the friendly local and international community.

So, what you are waiting for?!

Please feel free to download our useful Property Buying Guide for North Cyprus, which explains the process and costs in more detail, as well as offering clarity on title deeds in North Cyprus.

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