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North Cyprus, a place to Invest

Do you know North Cyprus?

When looking to invest in a property in North Cyprus, we know you will be doing your homework in terms of what type of property to buy and where you might want to invest, but how much do you know about North Cyprus as a country?

We all know that as a Mediterranean country it has a wonderful climate, which certainly makes it a very attractive place for most of us.  You can buy a property in North Cyprus which is a stones-throw away from a local beach, or you can choose an idyllic retreat up a mountain.  You can choose from all kinds of property types and sizes, whether you wish to be in the centre of a large housing development, or somewhere more peaceful and exclusive if you prefer a more personalised location.

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Location versus personal circumstance

There are many things to think about when you are looking to relocate to North Cyprus, whether with your young family, as a retired couple, or as a single person who needs to make a living when living here.  But, amongst all these factors must be the question as to whether North Cyprus as a country is a good place to come and live.

Obviously where you choose to make roots depends on your own personal circumstances.  If you have young children you would want to look at the areas which provide a good standard of education in North Cyprus.  There are certainly more and more of those available these days.  If you are retired maybe your concern would be focussed on being more local to amenities and facilities perhaps, with less distance to travel.

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Popular locations

Many North Cyprus property buyers will look to the Girne/Kyrenia (located in the centre of the north coast) area in which to settle, but having said that, this area sprawls some distance both east and west of the main town area and can encompass more rural areas as well as urban.  Therefore, in one sense, it gives a great choice of locations, but can also be a lot to take in!

The Famagusta and Iskele areas (on the southeastern coast) are also a popular choice, with a lot of development going on.  Both these coastal locations can provide decent education opportunities as well as a relaxing environment in which to live, with job possibilities as most major areas can provide.  There are many property options for investors, from residential, village-style developments to peaceful, less crowded areas.

A historical wonderland

Aside from the wonderful array of property investment options in North Cyprus, what about the history of this country that you may wish to come and reside in?  Cyprus has a long and very interesting history and is full of epic stories, myths and legends!  There is so much to see and do in North Cyprus that you could spend many of your days visiting its historical spots, museums and places of interest.

North Cyprus has moved on in leaps and bounds in so many ways in the last few years, and you can now spend hours wandering with ease, shopping, eating, relaxing and enjoying the scenery to its fullest, at any time of year.  Choose from the wide variety of places to dine, there are many, or just shop to your heart’s content in the shopping centres or spend your time exploring its many interesting places.

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If you are looking to buy a property in North Cyprus to live in, then it is most important to look into its potential as a place to spend as a full-time resident.  If you are looking purely as an investor, then equally, North Cyprus should be researched from the same point of view. It certainly has a lot to offer the earnest investor or resident.

To learn more about living, holidaying, investing and relocating in North Cyprus why not visit the Essential Cyprus website.  It’s full of useful articles and information on everything North Cyprus!

Kensington have also produced a hand little online booklet which gives some excellent choices on places to visit, where to go and what to see, as well where the best places are to dine out.

You can also download it  – North Cyprus Pocket Guide – by Kensington

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