Buyers’ Guide

Is North Cyprus a sure investment?

Currently the property market in Northern Cyprus is booming. British and
European buyers are investing here as there is great potential and choice.
Properties are very affordable right now, which makes it the best time for
buyers to invest. The increased interest in North Cyprus properties reflects in
the number of foreign investors, which shows in current sales figures, as they
are on the rise.
Many investors are attracted to Northern Cyprus because of the wide choice of
affordable properties in the prime locations. Combined with the beauty of the
Northern side of the island, people quickly realize that they could very easily
feel at home with the friendly local and international community.

With a population of no more than 300,000, you can rest assured that North
Cyprus is practically a crime free location. A safe haven away from the hectic and
often chaotic life you may lead in over-populated countries.
Although there can be misleading information in the media regarding legal issues,
in reality, relations between both sides of the Island have improved over the past
few years.
The borders have now been open for a number of years, allowing Turkish Cypriots
and Greek Cypriots as well as visitors from both sides, to move freely from the
North to the South and vice versa. Tourists can now fly into South Cyprus airports,
cross the border and holiday in North Cyprus with ease.