Kensington Referral Scheme

Did you know that at Kensington we really do like to share…

19.04.2019 15:00

Kensington Referral Scheme

19.04.2019 15:00

Did you know that at Kensington we really do like to share our success with our customers?

It should obviously not be the deciding factor when buying a property in North Cyprus, but if you are impressed with our sales team, customer care and the product, then why not recommend us to others you know who may also be looking to purchase their own investment home in the sun?

With over 20 years experience in property development in North Cyprus, Kensington have built their reputation as one of the leading developers providing a wide range of property styles and sizes to suit most tastes and needs, in some great locations.  Although it is rare that we cannot provide our customers with the right property in the right location, we can also be called upon to build a property that does, using our range of choice land plots.

With our proven track record in providing quality properties that have been built using the latest building techniques and high quality materials, fixtures and fittings, we provide very competitive property prices to cater for all budgets.  With Thalassa Beach Resort our most adventurous and prestigious resort development to date, to the Olive Grove apartments offering 1-bedroom properties, to Savyon Village, our first project of high quality and desirable residential homes, we can attest to our diversity in property development in the North Cyprus marketplace.

Along with our longevity in the property market in North Cyprus, we also want to be able to share our success with our existing property owners.  Kensington therefore offer our property owners the ability to refer friends, family and acquaintances and earn from any subsequent property purchase that may follow. 

Client referrals which convert to a property purchase earn up to 5% from the sales price on completion of the purchase.  This doesn’t just have benefits for you of course, as a Kensington property owner, but also for us, to encourage us to continue providing a first class service so that our clients will be happy to refer us to other, potential Kensington customers.

We believe it makes sense to offer existing owners the opportunity to earn back from us should they choose to and if they are happy to recommend us, then this also gives added and continued success to our good reputation.

All existing owners* need do is to is put their referral in contact with us (making sure they mention the existing owners name) via email to, or via our website contact page and our sales team will do the rest.

If you are happy to recommend us, then we want you to benefit from our appreciation and enjoy our success with us!

existing owners* – relates only to existing property owners who have purchased direct through Kensington and not through the various property networks Kensington work with.

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