Financing a Property Purchase in North Cyprus

When investing in property in North Cyprus, you may…

18.10.2019 11:58

Financing a Property Purchase in North Cyprus

18.10.2019 11:58


When investing in property in North Cyprus, you may, or may not, need to look into how you will finance your investment.  For many years,  property buying in North Cyprus has been a cash buyers market, however in more recent years, that has not necessarily been the case.

Great if you can finance your investment in full, but if not, there are many options to look at.  Off-plan properties usually come with generous payment plans, giving you a schedule of payments that enable you to plan finance, as well as options for loans and mortgages.


property finance north cyprus

Obviously a lot to take into consideration when buying overseas property, and much research to be done. However, finance is now readily available on a vast array of different property types.  In recent years, local, as well as international banks, have been able to offer foreign investment financing, making it much easier for those requiring some, or even all, of the funding needed.

Banks now offer loans and often partner with developers to offer terms on particular projects, for example.  Off-plan builds can offer stage payments to those who may have more staggered access to their own personal finances.  Loans can be offered to those who may not have the full capital available on existing resale properties.


property finance north cyprus

Some of the leading property developers in North Cyprus also offer financing directly, rather than from a bank. Kensington is one such developer and with our own capital we are able to offer generous payment plan terms to suit our purchasers, as well as loans if needed.

Loans are available on all Kensington properties, payments are calculated monthly and payable quarterly in advance.  Some finance is required from the buyer during the build of the property with the loan period beginning on possession of the property.


Obviously, if you do require finance to facilitate your property purchase in North Cyprus, then you should take your time to look into the many options which are now available to you.

The more finance you can put in to help is obviously beneficial, but if you do need extra funding then these days, there is no need to worry.  You will certainly find an option to suit your personal requirements.

If you would like to talk to one of our Property Specialists about finance options with Kensington, then please feel free to contact us via email or call or WhatsApp us on 00 90 533 862 1686.

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