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A Place for Peace of Heart and Mind

Thalassa Beach Resort

thalassa beach resort cyprusIt is a strange feeling, walking around our resort right now, without the usual hussle and bussle.  Our gardening teams, at this time of year are usually out in force making sure that our resort is looking at its best after wintertime.  Our management team would be dealing with bookings for the start of the 2020 North Cyprus holiday season and the facilities would be opening up in readiness for people to use and enjoy.

However, sadly due to the unfolding events of the Coronavirus pandemic, Thalassa Beach Resort is missing its most important thing, and that is you.  We have received many messages of sadness from people unable to travel to spend their time relaxing and enjoying the peaceful environment that Thalassa offers.  It is a  testament to the ‘peaceful retreat’ that we have worked  hard to ithalassa beach resort cyprusnstill in this piece of paradise here in North Cyprus and we are grateful for that.

But, nature is still at work at Thalassa.  The yearly crowd of swallows has arrived, with their beautiful singsong and chatter, flowers and trees are blooming a rainbow of colour and the air is crisp, clean and beautifully fresh.  The sea exudes calm, the waves waiting to be broken by people splashing around.  Our Spa and Hamam will be a place for relaxation of the physical form where your mind and body can be massaged and treated by our therapists, with kindness and care.

It is a traumatic time for the world at the moment, but, when the time comes, feel free to escape the stress completely with us here at Thalassa.  The one thing we do know about our resort is that, for many of you, it is athalassa beach resort cyprus place where the heart feels at home.  A place where you can switch off and spend your days in blissful silence, take the time to breathe in the air around you, walk the beach and just reflect.

We know that the first thing you wish to do, when you are able, is to visit a place like Thalassa.  The wish to chill and relax is huge at the moment, and we are ready and waiting, with open arms and hearts.  Dreaming has not been cancelled, so come and dream to your heart’s content, with us, when you can.

To check out Thalassa Beach Resort visit our website and in the meantime, we wish everyone good health and safety.

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