North Cyprus Beaches

North Cyprus offers a varied and interesting coastline…

05.04.2019 15:00

North Cyprus Beaches

05.04.2019 15:00

North Cyprus offers a varied and interesting coastline, where you can find rugged rocky outcrops, cliff area, pebbled beaches, and wonderfully golden and long stretches of sandy beach down to the Mediterranean sea. It also offers many small and sandy coves, some of which are easily found, and are hidden, waiting to be explored.  Many of the beaches in North Cyprus are also not signposted, except for the more popular tourist beaches, which are a favourite for holidaymakers and local families. Generally they will also provide car parking, a restaurant or beach cafe, sunbeds and parasols, and there is normally a nominal charge to use these facilities.

north cyprus beach
Beaches of North Cyprus

You will also find along the northern coast, popular beaches such as Lara Beach and Acapulco Beach, which are situated to the east of Girne (Kyrenia).  There are also some excellent beaches assigned to 5 Star Hotels such as Cratos Premium and Malpas, where you can pay a fee to use the beach and enjoy some great facilities, restaurants and bars. These beach areas also often double up as night time music venues, a very popular activity for the long summer nights in North Cyprus.

Further east is Alagadi Beach which is also well known for the turtle conservation efforts which take place on this beach during the summer. This particular area of coastline provides some of the nicest stretches of sandy beach and is located not far from Kensington developments such as Turtle Bay Village, Karpasia Elite and Olive Grove Apartments, so a great area for North Cyprus holiday rentals in the Esentepe area. Alagadi Beach is a protected beach and is therefore closed during the night in hatching season.

Acapulco Beach, North Cyprus

To the west of Girne (Kyrenia) the local council beach of Kervanseray is extremely popular with local restaurants in the area being a great place to eat after a day at the beach.  Escape Beach further to the west is also a North Cyprus beach hotspot, offering watersports including parasailing, scuba diving and jet skiing. Further west still, and the area of Akdeniz with its seemingly neverending stretch of sandy beach, popular with kitesurfers, this beach is often quieter due to its greater distance from Girne (Kyrenia). Whilst a major city, Famagusta, to the south east of North Cyprus, is also well known for its amazing stretches of sandy beach, particularly Salamis bay, which provides an almost endless opportunity for swimming.

Visitors wishing to scuba dive in North Cyprus can also experience the ruined city of Salamis harbour. Famagusta has a rich, historical past, and is a great place to spend time, but the beaches here in particular are excellent.  The surrounding areas of Iskele and Bogaz also offer some great beaches with facilities to cater for beach-goers.  And of course, we cannot fail to mention our very own Thalassa Beach Resort, a wonderful stretch of beach where guests to the resort can relax to the sound of the waves and enjoy a drink and a meal as well as taking advantage of all the facilities it has to offer.

golden beach north cyprus
Golden Beach, North Cyprus

Saving the best for last, and probably the best beach in North Cyprus is found along the Karpas Peninsula, known as ‘Altin Sahil’, or Golden Beach. This unspoilt stretch of coastline is just perfect for experiencing the essence of nature, with its undulating sandunes, lack of mass tourism and clear Mediterranean sea.  With perfect shallow waters, it is also a nesting site for loggerhead and green turtles and is therefore protected.  At times totally deserted, this beautiful beach is a must visit whilst on holiday in North Cyprus.

Swimming in North Cyprus is relatively safe all year round, however it is worth noting that life guards are not the norm so swimmers are advised to take notice of any signs and flags.  A swim in the crystal clear and warm, calming waters of the Mediterranean Sea is definitely something to experience while you are on holiday.

Please noteyou will usually have to pay for access to beaches which have hotel, beach club and public facilities on them, and these days the cost differs between beaches, but you should expect to pay around 15-30 Turkish Lira for the day. 

For more in-depth information on the beaches of North Cyprus, stretching east to west visit

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