Retired Life in North Cyprus

We often get asked about North Cyprus as a country…..

12.02.2021 11:09

Retired Life in North Cyprus

12.02.2021 11:09

Making the Most of Retirement in North Cyprus

We often get asked about North Cyprus as a country, and what can you find to do here if you are looking to retire to North Cyprus. Well, that can take some time, so we will try to summarise it for you!

North Cyprus can offer a really laid-back life in retirement, but if you want to remain active then there is absolutely plenty to do and get involved in!

One of the things that is very common amongst expats relocating to North Cyprus, is that they feel they might become bored, after the novelty of moving here has worn off.  Whilst we all dream of sipping fresh orange juice by the pool, or pottering around our garden, spending our days just relaxing and unwinding, in reality most of us also like to remain a little active.

Charities in North Cyprus are a big thing in the expat community, and there are many ways in which people can get involved. Volunteering is a major part of any charitable organisation’s activities, either by helping out at fundraisers or manning a charity shop. There are several animal shelters that need volunteers on a regular basis, to help with feeding and walking animals.  It is also a great way to meet other like-minded people and make new friends and acquaintances. It goes without saying that it would also give you a sense of doing good in the world!

retired life in north cyprus

Keeping Busy is not an Issue!

Another great thing to get involved in is ensuring you find out all about the island, its history, sights, and sounds. That can take a good amount of time for sure! From one side of the island to the other, there is an exceptional amount of historical landmarks and sites dotted around. A lot of people find it very enjoyable to plot their next trip out, going on day trips and really soaking up the history of North Cyprus.

There are some very active expat residents groups in North Cyprus, which often provide foreign residents with useful tips and a place to go for information. The Foreign Residents Society and the longstanding British Residents Society are organisations which many belong to, and they meet up for gatherings of all kinds and even manage to get some good discounts for their members for various services and goods!

retired life in north cyprus

Activities for Everyone of All Ages

If you have relocated to North Cyprus to start a new life and a very active from an exercise perspective then you can always join up with walking groups, a great way to explore the island from another angle. The Five Finger mountain range running parallel with the North Cyprus coastline is stunning, with forests and beautiful walks offering some of the best views of the island that you will find. Spend some time out with a walking group and we guarantee you will become addicted!  For those more adventurous you can also see North Cyprus on mountain bikes too or even with a horse riding school, other increasingly popular group activities these days.

Sports, both land and water-based are plentiful, so why not think about taking up some new pursuits, such as diving or archery, for example? There are groups you can join all over the island and diving is hugely popular, with some wonderful dives in both North and South Cyprus. There are activities based on your fitness levels, whatever they may be, bowling being a very popular choice as more skill is required, versus exertion. However, if you are a thrill-seeker type then try perhaps kitesurfing, paragliding or sailing to keep your adrenaline levels high!

activities in north cyprus

Of course, shopping is a great pastime for many of us, and there is plenty of choice of quality shops in North Cyprus these days. From historical shopping areas and districts in the main cities, such as Bandabuliya in Girne, or the Bedesten in Lefkosa, you can find hidden treasures as souvenirs or you can visit a modern shopping mall with all the usual brand labels. Finish off your shopping trip with lunch outside any of the wonderful historical areas and people watch.

If you feel more suited to a sedate life then there are book clubs and general gatherings of like-minded people all the time, and what better way to meet up with others, than at a seafront restaurant with the evening sunset. Life can be enjoyed at your own pace for sure.

There is so much more to keep you occupied in North Cyprus, whether you want to be active or not, and you need not worry about being bored on any day of the week. Life is for enjoying, whatever your preference.  Casinos, Spas and Arts events are all things we haven’t even mentioned here but are great for some time out, exploring and discovering.  retired life in north cyprus

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