Most Recommended Properties for Sale in North Cyprus

Most Recommended Properties for Sale

In this article we have collected some of the most desirable and recommended houses that we, and other companies are offering in North Cyprus.

Why did we do this? We wanted to give you a sense of the diversity of properties in this amazingly unique area.

First of all, the villas.

One of Kensington’s most successful projects is Savyon Village. Savyon Village is a beautiful area for those who are looking for a substantial holiday or full time home in Northern Cyprus. Perched high in the mountain to the east of  Girne (Kyrenia), from this village it is possible to observe the spectacular coastline of North Cyprus. A number of plots in this village are still available, for anyone who is looking for a luxury vacation villa, and even for a home to live in.

The second village we would recommend is Turtle Bay Village, again both a full time residential development for some and pleasant holiday homes for others.  Unfortunately Turtle Bay Village has been so popular it has now recently sold out.

So why are we presenting this project for you? Because we still want to show you the diversity of Northern Cyprus. It’s true, Turtle Bay Village is very special, but it’s not the only place with this unique style.

So what is so special about this village?

You probably guessed it by the name –Turtle Bay Village is known due to the proximity of the local beaches which are host to these wonderful creatures who come each year to hatch their eggs.

turtle bay village esentepe

This village, is located near one of the best public beaches in North Cyprus, Alagadi Beach, where not just tourists come to sun themselves but where you can also witness turtle excavations and watch the new hatchlings begin their journey from their nest to the sea.  It really is a magical experience and with the help of the local project which runs each year, has proven to be an absolutely must see event when on holiday in North Cyprus.

Turtle Bay Village is not only a tourist destination.  It enjoys great community spirit, with on site facilities for children and adults alike, and has a thriving community serviced by local restaurants and supermarkets. Escaping the hustle and bustle of city life is easy at Turtle Bay Village.

The time has now come to speak about our Thalassa Beach Resort & Spa project, which is probably the most successful of them all.

The largest and most prestigious beachfront development in North Cyprus offers the opportunity to purchase a realistically priced home in the Mediterranean.

thalassa beach resort payment plan

Within this magnificent project you will be able to find studio apartments, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom luxury apartments and penthouses. In an unparalleled location with spectacular views of the Mediterranean, each apartments layout blends comfort with contemporary living, providing a uniquely comfortable, stylish and convenient living environment.

Extra Benefits!

Thalassa Beach Resort enjoys gardens and a peaceful private beach, has a wide variety of facilities including swimming pools, restaurant and bar, beach bar, water slides, Spa with massage centre, gym and sauna; along with some unique features that ensures its recognition as a high class residence.  Thalassa is an established resort with Phase I apartments nearly all sold, and is also a big community with the feeling of a family.  Phase II gets underway in 2022!

If any of our projects take your interest, we are always available for you!

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