Residency for Property Owners in North Cyprus

We are asked a lot about residency requirements….

20.08.2021 12:07

Residency for Property Owners in North Cyprus

20.08.2021 12:07

Obtaining Residency in North Cyprus

We are asked a lot by clients about the residency requirements for North Cyprus property investors and what is involved in the process of achieving residential status.  Overseas property investors are very pleased to learn that it is no longer a difficult and time-consuming process.  To apply for residency in North Cyprus is actually a much easier process than it used to be.  Over 60s previously did not even have to apply at all, but since 2019 everyone must now apply. 

The standard entry time for Northern Cyprus is now 30 days for all unless you own a property and may achieve an extension of up to 90 days, but this does need permission from the Immigration authorities.  Generally, any stay over 30 days requires someone to apply for ‘temporary residency’.  Any overstay without application to do so can result in fines.

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Residency Eligibility

To be eligible to apply for residency in North Cyprus there are requirements to adhere to and these differ, depending on if you are married, an owner of a property, or a tenant renting, for example.  There are 3 specific types of visa periods given :

  • 30 days for tourist visas
  • 60 days if staying with family/relatives
  • 90 days if you own or rent a property in North Cyprus and wish to proceed with residency

If you do not wish to apply for residency then you would only be able to stay 90 days in each 180 day period and entry dates will be confirmed by the date of entry into the TRNC.

North Cyprus Residency Application Process

There is some effort required, with documentation required such as passport copies, title deeds for property, along with a a trip to the police station and state health insurance to be paid for. There are also a number of exemptions for applying for TRNC residency, which can be if you are married to a local TRNC citizen, diplomats, or those with valid work or business permits.

Persons applying for residency would also now need to start their application online via the governments Residence Permits and Visa website – payment is required at a certain stage through the application as is the need for medical health insurance, proof of income or savings, and local ‘mukhtar’ letter from your local official.  Government stamps will also need to be purchased from the post office.

Whilst the process may seem a little heavy, as long as it is followed stage by stage it is not too arduous and can be fairly pain free.

Benefits for Property Investors

For clients looking to invest in a property in North Cyprus, it is a good selling point, and makes for an easy way to obtain residency.  For those who are looking to relocate or even spend the majority of the year in North Cyprus, it is an added bonus to enjoying a relaxed lifestyle in the Mediterranean.

If you would like to talk to us about residency when looking to buy property in North Cyprus, then please feel free to: | ☎ +90 533 862 16 86 |

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