homes in north cyprus

Homes and Property, Thalassa, North Cyprus

There are many options and developments available these days......
kensington esentepe properties

Kensington Esentepe Projects in Virtual form!

Kensington has again produced a fantastic option of viewing.....
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Kensington in Crypto Partnership with Utrust

Clients have been able to purchase their Kensington villas and apartments in North Cyprus.....
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Villa Lavender – A Modern Twist

If you are looking for something a little different, a villa property......
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The time to Invest is Now!

It goes without saying that North Cyprus has been a great place for investment for many years

Properties in Iskele District, North Cyprus

If you are looking to invest in buying a home in North Cyprus
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Property via Bitcoin with Kensington Cyprus

At Kensington, we are firm believers in modern technology
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Bitcoin Property North Cyprus

Have you thought about investing in North Cyprus real estate...